How Sakura Overcome Itachi’s 5 Defenses [Secret Revealed]

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Sakura Uchiha, a kunoichi of Konohagakure and a famous medical-nin in the Naruto world is often neglected by others, dispute Shikamaru questioning her talent. However, she underwent intense training with tsunamis and completed the strength of a Hundred Seal training during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

As a result, her rank was improved and she became a Jonin.

Itachi, who belonged to the same clan as Sakura, was known as a dark shinobi who committed the massacre of his own clan overnight. He was later killed by his brother, Sasuke.

In this article, we will discuss whether Sakura defeat Itachi or not. This discussion will be based on several key factors, including Sakura’s:

  1. Speed
  2. Training Progression
  3. Power Levers
  4. Strength
  5. Durability
  6. Stamina
  7. Endurance
  8. Experience
  9. Combat/Reaction Speed

So without further ado, Let’s begin…

Sakura Vs. Itachi: Can Sakura Beat Itachi?

This brief comparison table gives you an idea of whether Sakura is capable of defeating Itachi or not.

SpeedSakura’s speed is impressive. She exhibits excellent body control and balance. She is known for her high speed and agility. Itachi is also proficient in speed and possesses exceptional reaction time.
AmaterasuSakura’s experience and familiarity with Amaterasu may be limited, potentially hindering her ability to counter this powerful Ninjutsu. Sakura’s experience and familiarity with Amaterasu may be limited, potentially hidering her ability to counter this powerful Ninjutsu.
Training ProgressionShe has been involved in continuous training, which has led to improvement in her combat prowess and overall growth. Itachi underwent extensive training, resulting in his skills and combat power far surpassing Sakura’s.
StaminaShe would win as her stamina surpasses that of Itachi.Itachi’s stamina is not as good as Shakura’s.
Combat & Reaction SpeedSakura is weak in this area. Itachi possesses the Amaterasu technique, which could potentially defeat Shakura in battle.
DefenceSakura can’t beat Itachi in this segment. Itachi is significantly more powerful than Sakura in this aspect.
IQ level in BattleItachi surpasses Sakura in this segment without any competition. Itachi is a clear winner in this ability.
ExperienceSakura lacks this ability. Itachi is a master of numerous Jutsu techniques that could easily defeat Shakura in a battle.
Master in Various Jutsu and TechniquesItachi has extensive battlefield experience and has participate in numerous battles. Sakura has less battlefield experience compared to Itachi.

Itachi’s 5 Defences that Sakura Can Overcome

(1) Enduring Yasaka Beads with 100 Healings

Yasaka Beads, another weapon in Itachi’s arsenal against his rivals, is a powerful defensive technique. However, Sakura would be able to endure this technique using her 100 healings trick.

Itachi’s attack would not harm Sakura significantly. Sakura, known as a medical ninja in Naruto, possesses the 100 healings technique, which allowed her to withstand the impact of the Yasaka Beads.

(2) Tanking Fire Style Jutsu

Fire style: Fire Ball Jutsu is one of Itachi’s arsenal against his opponents. In this technique, Itachi creates and launches a ball of fire toward his opponent.

However, Sakura can easily resilience this technique without any significant damage or being overwhelmed. Sakura’s durability and stamina helped her to withstand the impact and heat of the Fireball Jutsu.

(3) Evaluating Sakura’s Ability to Withstand Water Style

Itachi possessed Water Style ninjutsu. In this technique, Itachi can create clones made of water that can explode upon contact with the opponent. However, Sasuka’s physical strength, defensive capabilities, and durability allow her to endure the explosive impact of the clones.

(4) Itachi Summoning Jutsu Crow Vs. Sakura’s Katsuyu

Crow is a summoning jutsu used by Itachi, shisui, and other leaf Jounin, whereas Katsuyu is a summoning technique used by Sakura.

Itachi’s summoning jutsu, Crow, is a kind of time-space ninjutsu, which can serve as a diversion, especially in ginjutsu. Some analyses don’t find the impact of this technique remarkable or powerful.

In contrast, Sakura’s summoning technique, named Katsuyu, surpasses the power and abilities of the summoned crow. Sakura’s Katsuyu would definitely be advantageous on the battlefield due to its superior capability and utility.

(5) Itachi’s Shurikenjutsu and How Sakura Can Beat it

This is Itachi’s forbidden jutsu, also known as Concealed Hand Blade Technique. In this technique, Itachi throws a shuriken, which is a kind of blade, at his opponents.

According to some analysts, Sakura endured and countered Itachi’s Shurikenjutsu with her remarkable resilience and resourcefulness.

Itachi’s Techniques and Jutsu That Sakura Can’t Tolerate

(1) Itachi’s Amaterasu Jutsu: Does Sakura Sustain it?

Itachi had mastered a very offensive Jutsu named Amaterasu. Let’s imagine a hypothetical battle between Itachi and Sakura. In this battle,

Will Sakura withstand Itachi’s Amaterasu Jutsu?

Amaterasu Jutsu is a forbidden technique that produces a large amount of heat capable if burning everything. If Itachi were to use this Jutsu on Sakura, she would continuously regenerate using her 100 Healings techniques (as she is a prominent medical-nin) to cope with this technique. However, it would ultimately become unsustainable for her, as Sakura’s healing abilities would eventually wear off.

In conclusion, Sakura would be defeated in this hypothetical battle due to the overwhelming power and persistence of Itachi’s Amaterasu technique.

(2) Examining the Thread of the Totsuka Blade and Sakura’s Limitations

Totsuka Blade, an S-rank sealing ninjutsu of Itachi, offers a single chance for Itachi to seal his opponent. In a hypothetical battle between Itachi and Sakura, if Itachi uses Totsuka Blade Jutsu on her, Sakura would be defeated due to her speed and evasion limitations.

Itachi’s technique is so powerful that he even sealed Orochimaru (A notable most powerful opponent) using it.

(3) Analyzing the Impact of Yata Mirror and Itachi’s Defensive Advantage

What would happen if Itachi used his S-rank ninJutsu named Yata Mirror on Sakura in a hypothetical battle conducted between them?

Yata Mirror is another S-rank ninjutsu of Itachi, described as the “ultimate defense” in Databook 4. It is believed that this technique can withstand any attack an opponent offers.

However, it requires a significant chakra reserve to use this technique. Despite Itachi’s low stamina, he would be able to utilize the Yata Mirror for approximately an hour.

A previous instance stated that Itachi’s brother, Sasuke, used this technique only for a few seconds due to his weakened condition and illness.

Itachi could use this technique to endure Sakura’s superhuman punches. If Itachi doesn’t use any other method, the chances are higher that Sakura could beat him.


In conclusion, Sakura was not as powerful as she can beat Itachi if he is not in his base mode, but she possessed the ability to endure and counter some of his techniques and jutsu, such as Shurikenjutsu, Water style jutsu, Fire style, and more.

As a medical ninja, Sakura is renowned for her 100 healings technique, which enables her to swiftly heal and withstand many attacks from Itachi on the battlefield.

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