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Gaara is a famous antagonist character in the Naruto manga and anime series. He was the resident of the Sunagakure village and the son of the village’s leader. He became the fifth Kazekage of his village after being motivated by Naruto.

Many Anime lovers have doubts about Gaara’s death and are confused about various aspects related to it.

These confusions are:

  1. Does Gaara die? If Yes, then How And Who Killed Him?
  2. Did Gaara Revived After Death, And Who Sacrificed For This?
  3. What Episode And Season of Naruto Anime Did Gaara Die?

and so on…

The quick answer is, yes, Gaara died in the Naruto series known as Naruto Shippuden, which is the most popular and longest second series. He was defeated and kidnapped by Deidara, a member of the Akatsuki. Subsequently, the Akatsuki sealed his body into the Gedu Statue to extract the One-Tail beast named Shukaku from him, Gaara died during this process.

Who is Gaara?

Gaara was first introduced in the original Naruto Anime series in episode number 21, titled “Identify Yourself: Powerful New Rivals.” According to Wiki, he was born as a demon host because his father, the fourth Kazakage of the Sunagakure village, wanted to use him as a weapon to restore their village.

Gaara was the Jinchuriki of the one-tail beast named Shukaku, and his mother considered him a curse upon the village, causing the villagers to dislike him.

His perspective on life changed when he met Naruto. Afterward, Gaara became the Fifth Kazekage of his village. However, his problems only multiplied from this point onward.

Did Gaara die, and if yes, then how?

In battle, Gaara encountered one of the members of Akatsuki, Deidara. During the fight, Gaara was defeated and kidnapped.

Akatsuki members took him to his leader, Akatsuki, who sealed Gaara’s body into the Gedu statue to extract a one-tail beast named Shukaku from his body.

According to Deidara, this process took 3 days, and Gaara died after the Akatsuki successfully extracted Shukaku from his body.

Meanwhile, Naruto and his team members tried to rescue Gaara, but due to excessive anger and frustration to save Gaara Naruto slightly tap into the nine-tailed fox chakra. This boosted his stamina and energy.

Kakashi explained to one of Gaara’s closest allies, Chiyo, the reason behind Naruto’s aggression: both Naruto and Gaara are Jinchuriki. Even though they are from different villages, Naruto knows that all Jinchuriki face similar treatment.

He didn’t want Gaara to endure the pain of the extraction process, which is why he wanted to save him at any cost.

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Chiyo Brought Back Gaara To Life

Chiyo, a skilled puppeteer and former elder of the Sunagakure village, played a significant role in bringing Gaara back to life. She revealed to Kakashi the secret that Gaara’s father had ordered her to seal the one-tailed beast inside Gaara’s body, intending to use him as a weapon to restore their village.

later, she expressed to Kakashi that despite her old age, she was still willing to sacrifice herself for the well-being of her village. She utilized a forbidden Jutsu to sacrifice her life and resurrect Gaara.

This way, Gaara was able to live again after his death.


Gaara was born with an evil spirit because his mother believed he was a curse for the village. This feeling made him a ruthless killer. However, when he met Naruto and fought with him he realized the actual meaning of friendship.

Gaara was killed by Akatsuki during the process of extracting Shukaku from his body. However, later an old lady and a close ally of his named Chiyo resurrected him and brought him back to life from death.


Q.1 Who killed Gaara?

Ans: Gaara was attacked and kidnapped by Akatsuki member Deidara. During the process of extracting the one-tailed demon Shukaku from his body, Gaara was killed by Akatsuki.

Q.2 Who revived Gaara after his death?

Ans: An old lady from his village named Chiyo resurrected Gaara by sacrificing her life after he was killed by Akatsuki.

Q.3 Does Gaara lose his position as Kazekage?

Ans: After Naruto’s intervention, he became a good person, and his villagers started to love him. He remained the Kazekage of his village throughout the series.

Q.4 Why Naruto is so keen on rescuing Gaara?

Ans: Naruto and Gaara were both Jinchuriki. In the Naruto world, all the Jinchurikis were treated the same way. Naruto understood the pain of extracting the beast from onces body, which is why he empathized with Gaara’s pain. That’s the reason Naruto was eager to rescue Gaara.

Q.5 In which episode did Gaara die?

Ans: Gaara dies in the 17th episode of the Naruto Shippuden anime series.

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