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The Naruto series is filled with dozen of special and mysterious characters, and Gaara is one of them. He was the son of the fourth Kazekage and a Jinchuriki of the sand village.

According to the Wiki, the character Gaara successfully secured a position in the top ten list in the popularity poll of the series.

The death and subsequent resurrection of Gaara remained a mystery, leaving his fans puzzled about what happened to him after the war.

Let’s unravel this mystery in this article.

When Does Gaara Lose Shukaku?

When Gaara became the fifth Kazekage of his village, a member of a criminal organization Akatsuki named Diedara attacked Gaara’s village, Sunagakure, and kidnapped him. His motive behind this was to extract the One-Tail Beast named Shukaku from Gaara’s body.

This process took 3 days, during which he lose Shukaku and died. Naruto and his team tried to rescue Gaara, but they failed. An old lady named Chiyo brought Gaara back to life by sacrificing her own.

After this whole incident, Gaara was no longer a Jinchuriki but remained an ordinary Ninja.

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What happened with Shukaku when it freed Gaara’s body?

It was during the Forth Ninja World War when Shukaku was freed from the Gedu statue. After some time, Madara Uchiha regained control over Shukaku and the other Tailed Beasts, trapping them inside the statue again.

But Shukaku had the opportunity to be free from the statue when the Forth Ninja World War ended.

How Did Gaara Survive Without Shukaku?

Gaara didn’t gain any benefits or additional power from being a host of Shukaku, except for the extra chakra it provided. His father wanted to utilize the power of Shukaku to restore their village and saw Gaara as a weapon.

When Gaara became aggressive and angry, Shukaku would emerge. However, it’s important to note that Shukaku was not the source of Gaara’s fundamental power. Gaara already possessed a significant amount of chakra, and he was skilled in various Jutsu.

is Gaara Still Strong Without Shukaku?

Once Gaara’s body was freed from Shakuka, he gained the ability to control and utilize a greater portion of his charka. Therefore, we can say that Gaara didn’t simply survive after Shukaku’s departure, but instead, he actually became more powerful.

Did Gaara Get Shukaku Back?

No, Gaara didn’t get Shukaku back. When Shukaku was freed from his body, he was able to control all of his chakras and retain all of his Jutsu and ability.

The conversation between Urashik and Momoshiki Otsutsuki in Boruto mentioned that there were only two Jinchuriki left in the world. One was Naruto, the host of the 9-Tailed-Beast Kurama, and the second one was Killer Bee, the host of the 8-Tailed-Beast Gyuki. This conversation also confirmed that Gaara didn’t become the host of Shukaku after that.

Does Shukaku Like Gaara?

Initially, Shukaku didn’t possess a positive bonding with Gaara. Shukaku’s volatile and destructive nature was the main reason behind it.

However, as the story progressed, the bond between Gaara and Shukaku transformed. In Baruto, Gaara was often seen contacting Shukaku. With time Gaara learned to understand and communicate with Shukaku and became a good friend afterward.

Who gets shukaku after gaara?

No one got Shukaku after it was freed from Gaara’s body. In fact, all the tailed beasts were released from Kaguya, when the 4th Ninja World ended. All of those tailed beasts went to their respective homeland. Only Gyuki, an 8-Tailed-Beast, and Kurama, a 9-Tailed-Beast remained with their respective hosts.


In conclusion, Gaara didn’t get Shukaku back after it left his body during the extraction process. Shukaku was captured inside a Gedu statue, and it was freed when the 4th Ninja World War ended.

having initially experienced destruction, they started to understand each other and became a good friend in the end.

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