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Hashirama was the first person to become Hokage in the Naruto Manga series. His strength, cleverness, and enigmatic prowess earned him the title of God of Shinobi.

Only Madara Uchiha was a Ninja who came close to Hashirama in terms of strength and power. Both of them were the founder of Hidden Leaf Village. Hashirama invented some unique techniques that stunned the other Ninjas.

He was an expert in Wood Style Justu and Sage Justu which was extremely hard for a ninja to master. Despite having that much power, his fans were puzzled about how Hashirama died.

After conducting extensive research neither the Manga nor the Anime series of Naruto provide an exact reason for Hashirama’s death. His death remains a mystery.

However, I will try to give all the possible theoretical reasons that could have caused his death.

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8 Possible Causes And Speculations Surrounding The Death of Hashirama

(1) Being Overwhelmed by a large number Of Enemy

As previously stated, Hashirama was the only shinobi in Naruto history, to possess exceptional power and strength. Many believed that He would have been killed by thousands of powerful shinobi (more than 10,000) which seems impossible.

(2) Would Have Been Assassinated By Someone

This reason also seems implausible because Hashirama possessed significant strength and power. For instance, once a very powerful assassin named Kakuzu tried to kill him but he failed.

Therefore, it is more likely that Hashirama might have been killed by someone else.

(3) Final Battle Between The Hashirama And The Madara Uchiha (Valley Of The End)

This was the time when Hashirama Senju became the first Hokage and this incident went against the Madara’s wish to become the leader of his clan. It became a moment of despair and frustration for him.

During the final battle between Hashirama and Madara, known as the “Valley of The End”, Hashirama used his powerful technique, the Transformed Buddha’s Barrage, to carve out the valley.

Although Hashirama won this battle but, it appears that Madara severely wounded him. It is possible that in subsequent battles, Hashirama may have succumbed to his injury, but this is not confirmed.

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(4) The Selfless Sacrifice: Exploring The Possibility of Hashirama Noble Demise

People believed that Hashirama might have sacrificed himself for the greater good, although there is no evidence of it. However, it was nearly impossible to defeat him, but there could have been other factors contributing to his death.

(5) Natural Death

Many people also believe that Hashirama died from age-related weakness and diseases, but this cause is not explicitly stated in the Naruto series.

(6) Unveiling The Influence of Reanimation Jetsu on Hashirama Resurrected Form

When Reanimation Jutsu was used to revive Hashirama, it is believed that This powerful technique may have manipulated his appearance, making him appear young and fully armored, however, we can not say this with certainty.

(7) Iconic Death Due To His Healing Ability

Hashirama Senju possessed a unique ability, known as Regenerative Power, which allowed him to heal any injury. It is hypothesized that this technique, involving rapid cell division, potentially has shortened his lifespan and led to illness.

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(8) illness Or Disease

Hashiramas body could be healed using various Justu techniques, but many believed that he was suffering from an unknown disease.


Despite having immense power, an abundance of chakra, and exceptional healing capabilities, it is difficult to fathom the death of the God of Shinobi.

Numerous theories abound regarding Hashirama’s demise. From my perspective, his death may have been attributed to the extensive use of Reanimation Jutsu throughout his life.

He engaged in numerous battles, employing Reanimation Jutsu almost every time. This practice likely contribute to the shortening of his lifespan and potentially caused cellular alterations in his body.


Q.1 In which battle Hashirama died?

Ans: Hashirama died during the First Great Ninja War, which began soon after the establishment of the shinobi villages, with Hashirama being recognized as the first Hokage.

Q.2 What was the age of Hashirama during his death?

Ans: People estimate Hashirama’s age by comparing it to that of his granddaughter, Tsunade. Tsunade was still in her mother’s womb when Naruto became a Genin, which was approximately 50 years before her birth. Hashirama encountered Tsunade throughout his life and possibly died after she turned 40. This suggests that Hashirama was likely around 50-60 years old at the time of his death.

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