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Hashirama was known for his ability to learn and master both callous and rare ninja techniques, but the mastery surrounding how he acquired sage mode remains undisclosed.

Some people believe that he learned it from Shikkotsu Forest, while others believe that he achieved his sage mode during the time of intense conflicts and battles between different ninja clans.

However, the actual answer to this mysterious question remains undisclosed. Let’s first understand what is sage mode and what are possible methods to learn it.

What is Sage Mode?

Sage mode is a rare technique in which ninja gains the ability to tap into and harness the power of the natural energy surrounding them.

If a ninja wants to enter sage mode, they must merge their chakra with the natural energy around them.

Once a ninja entered sage mode, they get the various abilities…

  1. It enhances their physical strength.
  2. It increases the reach of their physical attack.
  3. They gain incredible sensory perception ability.
  4. They can utilize the powers associated with the skilled sage mode.

Where Did Shinobi Learn it From?

According to the Naruto Manga and anime series, there are two ways in which a Ninja can learn and enter the sage mode…

  1. By visiting Mount Myōboku, and learning from Tods.
  2. By visiting Ryūchi Cave, and learning from snakes.

History shows that Naruto and Jariara learned the sage mode from Toads by visiting Mount Myoboku, which is why their eyes appeared similar to Toads.

Similarly, Orochimaru and Kabuto learned Sage Mode from snakes by visiting Ryuchi Cave, and their eyes appeared similar to snakes.

However, In the case of Hashirama Senju, neither the Manga nor the Anime series of Naruto explicitly mentioned the exact source of his Sage Mode because his eyes are not like those of any summon animal.

The above theory clearly stated that the origin of Sage Mode and the training location of different Ninjas are different, and it also depends on the storyline and the character of the Naruto series.

Possible Theories Regarding the Source of Hashirama’s Sage Mode Training

Theory#1: He Could Learn It In The Shikkotsu Forest

Shikkotsu Forest is a sacred place and it has a rich source of natural energy. Some speculation stated that Hashirama may have learned the Sage Mode here.

Shikkotsu Forest is one of the three sage regions and also the abode of the sage Katsuyu. Shikkotsu is the place where Sakura and Tsunade tried to enter the sage mode but they both failed.

Hashirama mastered his wood release technique in this Forest. Additionally, Hashirama’s incredible healing capability is similar to that of Katsuyu, the sage of this region. All of these facts indicate that Hshirama could have learned the Sage Mode in the Shikkotsu Forest.

Theory#2: Learn From Himself

The second theory shows that Hashirama may have acquired the Sage Mode technique through self-learning. The theory arises from the observation that the Sage Mode marking in Hashirama’s eyes differs from those associated with the summon animals, such as Tod and Snake.

Hashirama possessed all the traits and had mastered all seven nature chakras (wind, fire, water, earth, electric, light, and dark). He possessed a unique technique that allowed him to merge the earth and water chakras to form wood chakra.

Yamato was also capable of using Wood Release, but his control over this technique is not polished compared to Hashirama.

In the Naruto world, no one else can perform this technique, making it a unique capability that no one taught Hashirama.

Based on the distinction mentioned above, some fans speculate that he didn’t learn this technique from those regions.

Theaory#3: Hashirama Might Gained The Sage Mode From His Ancestors

Ashura Otsutsuki, the ancestor of Hashirama was also able to use Wood Release chakra. Many believe that Hashirama inherited this capability from him.

Ashura was attributed as the Sage of The Six Path, which he inherited from the founder of the Ninshu and his father, Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

Fans believe that Hashirama inherited the Saga Mode from Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

What Type of Sage Mode is Hashirama Using

Some very rare and uncommon Sage Mode used by Hashirama is…

(1) He possessed immense power and physical strength, which made his chakra highly impactful.
(2) He exhibited full control over his chakras, enabling him to perform various uncommon techniques without even moving his hands.
(3) He had the capability to create ten wood clones.
(4)He was renowned for mastery of wood release, a special ability to create wood and plants by combining the earth and water-natured chakras.
(5) He could enter Sega Mode by performing Senjutsu.


There are various theories, and speculations surrounding Hashirama’s Sage Mode. The exact method through which Hashirama Senju learned Sage Mode is still a mystery in the Naruto series.

Many of his fans speculate that he learned it from himself, had a connection with the Shikkotsu Forest where he acquired this technique, or even inherited it from his ancestors, etc.

Without any explicit detail about this topic, we are unable to arrive at an exact answer.

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