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Madara Uchiha and Hashirama both belonged to different clans and contributed significant roles in the founding of the Konohagakure village. Their relationship during their childhood was marked by both friendly and rivalry, characterized by moments of harmony and moments of intense competition.

A Brief History of Hashirama & Madara Friendship and Riverly

The childhood of Madara and his siblings was marked by constant battles on the battlefield, as they fought against their formidable rivals, the Senju. Madara endured severe pain from the death of his three young siblings, leaving him alone with his only young brother Izuna.

Tragically, Madara’s last remaining brother, Izuna, died at the hands of Hashirama’s brother, Tobirama Senju. To regain his vision in his defective eye and acquire great power and enhance his healing abilities, Madara utilized his brother’s eyes attending the “eternal Mangeko Sharingan”.

Empowered by his newly gained abilities, Madara launched an attack on the Senju, but he was ultimately defeated.

The Battle of the Valley of the End

Madara desired to abandon Konoha village because he believed that its establishment was a failed experiment in achieving peace and unity between the clans.

He tried to convince his own clan and Hashirama that the village was flawed and destined for failure, but no one trusted him and paid heed to his thought.

In his disillusionment, Madara ultimately made the decision to abandon Konoha and launched multiple attacks on the village. The final battle between Madara and Hashiram took place at the Valley of the End, resulting in Hashirama’s victory and Madara’s death.

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Madara’s Death And Revival

Unveiling the Secret of Madara’s Getting Hashirama’s Cell

According to the Naruto Manga series, Madara managed to take a mouthful bite of Hashrama’s cell before his death.

When he tested Hashirama’s cell, he found it reminiscent of an Apple. This surprising test intrigue Madara, leading him to make a connection between the flavor and Hashirama’s unique Wood Style Jutsu.

To resurrect himself, Madara utilized Izangi Jutsu, a technique that brought him back to life at the cost of sacrificing his right eye’s vision. With the aid of Black Jutsu, he relocated his corpse and concealed it within his own body.

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Subsequently, Madara vomited and Hashirama’s flesh came out from his body. he applied this fragment to his wound. This helped him to heal fast and also gave him immense power and strength.

Madara’s Master Plan After Getting Hashirama’s Cell

After tasting Hashirama’s flesh and realizing its power, Madara desired to acquire more. He supposedly cultivated and grew clones made from Hashirama’s cells, known as Hashirama wood clones.

In his final stage, Madara awakened the Rinnegen, granting him the ability to summon the Gedo Statue, a massive entity housing the Ten-Tails chakra.

This entire process ultimately allowed him to extend his life, enabling him to sustain himself by consuming the flesh of the Hashirama wood clones.

why did Madara need hashirama cells?

There are many reasons behind this, and some strong reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Desire to prolong his life.
  2. Cells provide exceptional regeneration capabilities.
  3. Want to enhance his physical and mental strength.
  4. Madara wanted to utilize Hashirama’s cells to create the White Jutsu Army.

Ultimately wanted to gain control of everything and utilize Hashirama’s cells to become a God.


In conclusion, Madara obtained Hashirama’s cell through a secret plan he prepared before his death. He took a bite of Hashirama’s flesh, utilizing Izangi and Black Jutsu to resurrect himself and conceal his corpse within his body.

He did this to prolong his life and utilized Hashirama’s cells to create the White Zetsu Army.


Q.1 How did Madara get Hashirama chakra?

Ans: Madara obtained Hashirama’s chakra by implanting Hashirama’s cells into his wound. This not only increased his chakra reserve but also prolonged his life and enhanced his healing abilities.

Q.2 How did Madara get Hashirama’s face on his chest?

Ans: Madara got Hashirama’s face on his chest after treating his wounds with Hashirama’s flesh by implanting it in his body.

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