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Nagato, also known as Pain, is known for his antagonist character in the Naruto anime series. He had an exceptional characteristic called Rinnegan which is very rare to see in the whole Naruto series.

To understand, how Nagato obtained the Rinnegan, you must have to understand the history of Rinnegan, how it is awakened, and what is the role of the Madara Uchiha in this whole story.

Brief History Of Rinnegan

Initially, the Sage of The Six Path was the only person who possessed the Rinnegan. He was the only Shinobi in the series who can change and manipulate his chakra without any effort.

He had two sons named Indra and Asura and he divided his power between them. Asura received wisdom and physical prowess while Indra received ninjutsu and Sharingan.

Despite being brothers, they fought with each other throughout their life, and their descendants also remained rivals.

The descendants of Indra were known as Uchiha while the descendants of Asura were known as Senju also known as Uzumaki.

Role of Madara To Awaken Rinnegan First Time

Madara was the first person who awakened his Sharingan into the Rinnegan. He was the only person who discovered the secret behind awakening his Sharingan into Rinnegan which would provide him exceptional power and other extraordinary abilities that were missing in the other shinobi.

How did he awaken Rinnegan from his Sharingan?

Madara belonged to the Uchiha clan and knew that the Sage of Six Path had divided his whole power equality between Indra and Asura. Indra belonged to the Uchiha clan and Madara also belonged to this clan. However, Madara lacked the bloodlines of the Asura. Asura’s descendants later formed the Senju clan, which eventually became known as the Uzumaki clan.

Madara believed that obtaining the Senju cell would enable him to awaken the Rinnegan since he already possessed Uchita cells in his bloodline.

During his battle with Hashirama, he seized the opportunity to obtain enough cells from Hashirama’s body and transplanted them into his own. This way he combined the power of two different clans to awaken Rinnegen.

However, Madara had become too old to fully harness the power of the Rinnegan necessitating someone capable enough to wield its complete power.

Reason Behind Giving Rinnegan To Nagato

When Madara awakened Rinnegan from his Sharingan, he became old and neared his death. He searched for someone who actually possessed Rinnegan and would revive him in the future using the power of Rinnegan.

Natago belonged to the Uzumaki clan and possessed the same strength and capabilities as the Senju. When Natago was a child Madara transplanted his eyes that possessed the Rennigan into Nagato’s body.

This way Madara preserved his power and will within Nagato’s body for the future.

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Now we have come to the point of how Nagato obtained the Rinnegan


In conclusion, we have mentioned every detail related to how Nagato obtained the Rinnegan, the history behind it, and the role of Madara in this story.

Madara transplanted his eyes which possessed the Rinnegan into the Nagato’s body when he was a child. Madara concealed this secret and made people believe that Nagato had possessed the Rinnegan since birth.


Q.1 When did Madara give Nagato the Rinnegan?

Ans: Madara transplanted his eyes which possessed the Rinnegan into the Nagato’s body when he was a child.

Q.2 How did Madara get the Rinnegan?

Ans: Madara combined the power of Indra and Asura clan by possessing their Sharingan and also used Hashirama cells to awaken the Rinnegan. Through this process Madara got the Rinnegan.

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