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In the Naruto series, the character of Obito is quite complicated. There is no doubt that he was a great shinobi of the Uchiha Clan and a very close friend of Kakashi.

The 3rd Great Ninja War took a turning point in his life because after that war it was presumed that he was dead, but he survived.

Obito’s half-body was crushed beneath a giant rock when he was trying to save Kakashi and Rin from the destroyed stone cave as Kakashi and Rin were almost buried under it.

Madara came and rescued Obito using white Zetsu. It was not easy to bring Obito back to normal. It took many days for Obitos to recover. Madara used Hashiramas Senju cells to heal the right part of his body which was crushed beneath the giant stone.

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Hashiramas Senju cells worked miraculously to heal his body and allowed him to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes. Madara also used Gedo Statue in the recovery process.

This Mangekyou Sharingan helped him to awaken the Kamui ability. Now Obito was able to teleport himself to a different dimension and can interact with others. Obito utilized this ability to meet Nagato Uzumaki and acquired his left eye.

After obtaining Nagto’s left eye, Obito transplanted it into his own left eye and possessed Rinnegan.

Why Didn’t Obito Implant Both Rinnegan Onto Himself

In fact, Nagato Uzumaki┬ápossessed two Rinnegan and Obito acquired both Rinnegan from him before Nagato’s death. However, Obitos’s body was not capable of handling the power of two Rinnegan so he choose to implant only one Rinnegan in his left eye and concealed the second one.

This was the main reason why Obito didn’t implant both Rinnegan onto himself because his body was not in a condition to utilize both of them.

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Why Obito Didn’t Awaken His Own Rinnegan

To awaken the Rinnegan, it is necessary to recreate one’s chakra by combining two main chakras for this…

  1. The chakra of Indra Otsutsuki
  2. The chakra of Asura Otsutsuki

An individual can awaken the Rinnegan by merging these two required chakras.

Obito didn’t have the chakra of Indra Otsutsuki because he was not Indra’s incarnated. He only possessed the Asura Chakra which he obtain through the implantation of Hashiramas cells into his body.

One missing chakra makes him unable to awaken his own Rinnegan.

What Abilities Did Obito Get After Implanting Rinnegan

Obito got the following capabilities after awakening Rinnegan:

  1. With the implantation of Rinnegan Obito was able to see chakra.
  2. Now he was able to use six path techniques. He also created his own version of them.
  3. He utilized the Gedu statue in a skilled manner to confuse his enemy.
  4. After the implantation of Rinnegan, he became Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. Now he can create and control the ten tails.
  5. Now he can perform the Six Paths Chibaku Tensei. This power allowed him to create a massive gravitational force to trap his enemy.


In conclusion, Obito Uchiha got Rinnegan from Nagato Uzumaki and then implanted one Rinnegan in his left eye. His body was weak to utilize two Rinnegan so he concealed the second Rennegan.

Obito was unable to awaken his own Rinnegan because he didn’t have Indra chakra.

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