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In the enchanting world of anime and manga, few characters are as beloved as Sakura from “Naruto.” Fans have long been intrigued by her journey, especially the question of how Sakura became pregnant.

As revealed in the #23rd episode of Boruto, Sakura chased after Sasuke after the 4th Great Ninja War, leading them on a shared adventure.

This revelation adds a layer of mystery to their relationship, as the series never depicted Sasuke and Sakura’s marriage. In this article, we’ll delve into this topic, separating myths from facts and exploring the narrative intricacies that led to this significant event in Sakura’s story.

Let’s understand the complicated relationship between Sakura and Sasuke, and try to solve the enigmatic mystery of Sakura’s pregnancy in this article.

When Did Sakura Get Pregnant?

The Blossoming Love: Sakura and Sasuke’s Relationship

Sakura’s romantic journey begins with her complex feelings for Sasuke Uchiha. We’ll explore the evolution of their relationship from teammates to something deeper, examining the pivotal moments that laid the foundation for their eventual union.

Speculation Theory

Amid the speculations and theories surrounding Sakura’s pregnancy, an intriguing possibility arises. Some fans propose that Sakura got pregnant during her travels with Sasuke.

The journey exposed them to various challenges and experiences, ultimately leading to the conception of Sarada. However, what adds a captivating twist is the speculation that Sakura ended up delivering her child in Orochimaru’s hideout.

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According to this theory, Karin, a skilled medical ninja, played a crucial role in assisting Sakura during her delivery, forging an unexpected connection between the characters. This narrative element introduces an alluring blend of adventure, secrecy, and alliances, further enriching Sakura’s path to motherhood.

An Episode of Revelation: Karin’s Testimony

The 23rd episode of the “Boruto” series emerges as a pivotal moment in the narrative puzzle. Karin, a character intertwined with the tale, unequivocally states that she aided in the delivery of Sarada during Sakura’s labor.

This episode provides a piece of the puzzle that suggests an integral role for Karin and a significant event that occurred during Sakura’s travels.

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A Time Apart: Sasuke’s Absence

Sakura’s story gains complexity when we consider Sasuke’s absence from the village. With their time together limited, the question arises: When did Sakura and Sasuke find the time to conceive their child amidst their respective journeys and duties?

Speculation: The Timelines

Two Possibilities

Two logical scenarios come to the fore: Sakura’s pregnancy either occurred during her travels with Sasuke or before their journey commenced. Each avenue bears its own set of implications and intrigue, delving into the intricacies of their relationship.

The Space-Time Nexus: Sasuke’s Rinnegan

One playful but interesting speculation revolves around Sasuke’s unique abilities. With his Rinnegan, Sasuke holds the power of space-time manipulation. The speculation entertains the notion that he could have used this power to bridge the physical distance between them.

This hypothetical scenario introduces a touch of magic into the mix—Sasuke opening a portal through his Rinnegan to be with Sakura, fostering a unique and intimate connection.


In conclusion, the circumstances surrounding Sakura’s pregnancy in the “Naruto” universe can be attributed to two strong possibilities: the profound connection formed during her travels with Sasuke, and the imaginative notion of Sasuke’s Rinnegan abilities bridging the distance between them.

These possibilities, though distinct, enhance the intricate narrative of Sakura’s journey into motherhood, underscoring the diverse storytelling that anime offers.


Q.1 What was Sakuta’s age when she got pregnant?

Ans: She was 20 when she got pregnant.

Q.2 When Did Sakura And Sasuke Get Married?

Ans: In the “Naruto” series, the exact moment of Sakura and Sasuke’s marriage is not explicitly shown or mentioned. The story continues to unfold after the events of the Fourth Great Ninja War, with Sasuke embarking on his redemptive journey and Sakura pursuing her own path.

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