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The Naruto series is full of numerous secrets powers and formidable techniques. Today we will discuss the difference between Tenseigan and Byakugan and determine which one is stronger than the other.

Can We Say That Tenseigan Is An Improved Version of Byakugan

Yes, Tenseigan is an advanced form and an evolution of the Byakugan. A Tenseigan user feels a significant power boost and gets some additional abilities over a Byakugan user such as:

1. Changes In Physical Appearance

A user with activated Byakugan showcases white eyes with pupil-less and bulging veins around their eye. After activating Tenseigan the previously white pupil of the Byakugan now turn into blue filled with intricate and elegant patterns resembling overlapping white flowers.

With this unique pattern, you can easily distinguish a Byakugan user from a Tenseigan user. It creates an aesthetically captivating aspect of this powerful ocular ability.

2. Enhance Abilities

Tenseigan practically enhances the visual abilities of a user to the next level who already awakened Byakugan. Now users can see through solid objects, perceive great distance, and have heightened vision.

3. Chakra Mode

After activating the Tenseigan, a user enters a chakra mode that boosts their physical strength, speed, and abilities.

4. Rareness

Tenseigan users in Naruto are extremely rare and very few users possess this power while the Byakugan is limited to the members of the Hyuga clan.

5. The Limitations And Unleashed Potency Between Byakugan And Tenseigan

A Byakugan user can see through solid objects, and also observe and target the chakra pathway system within a person’s body, but it lacks some of the extraordinary abilities possessed by the Tenseigan.

the Tenseigan grants its users immense power when they awaken this technique in its complete form.

An antagonist in “The Last: Naruto movie”, named Tonery Otsutsuki, showcased the Tenseigan’s extraordinary potency by attempting to slice the Moon in half using this ocular technique.

6. Ability To Foresee Certain Events

A Tenseigan user can foresee certain events whereas A Byakugan user can’t.

7. User Base

The user base of Byakugan is large compared to Tenseigan, and its users are mostly from the Hyuga clan, whereas Tenseigan users are extremely rare and one notable known user is Toneri Otsutsuki.

Tenseigan [A Brief History]

In Naruto, the Tenseigan is a fictional power possessed by Otsutsuki Clan members. This special eye technique is introduced in “The Last: Naruto the Movie”, which exists as a novel and a movie.

the Tenseigan is an advanced version of the Byakugan, involving several evolutions of the original Byakugan.

How Tenseigan Can Be Awakened?

A shinobi can awaken the Tenseigan by combining the chakra of two powerful bloodlines- the Otsutsuki and the Hyuga.

A good reference for someone awakening the Tenseigan is when Toneri Otsutsuki, the main antagonist, implants himself with Hanabi Hyuga’s Byakugan to awaken the powerful Tenseigan.

This is not an instantaneous process; instead, it takes several days to complete because a complex and energy-demanding process is involved. As the transformation progresses, Toneri experiences intense and painful pulsations in his eyes.

Byakugan [A Brief History]

Byakugan is a powerful ocular technique that originated from the Otsutsuki Clan and is also possessed by members of the Hyuga clan. A Byakugan user undergoes a notable transformation with white and enlarged irides. A user’s eyes show some distinct signs, such as bulging veins around the eyes when they activate the Byakugan.

How Byakugan is Activated to its User?

This is the prowess of the Hyuga clan members, and they acquire it by birth, it can be activated at their will through undergoing the right training.

According to the Anime storyline, if someone possesses a Byakugan, it doesn’t mean they can utilize its power. A Hyuga clan member who was born with visible traits of Byakugan requires intense training to activate the true power of the Byakugan.


In conclusion, the Tenseigan being an evolution of the Byakugan, showcases many advanced abilities that a regular Byakugan user doesn’t possess.

While the Byakugan grants a user a visual perception and chakra manipulation, a Tenseigan user not only inherits all the basic powers of Byakugan but also gains overwhelming capabilities such as slicing the Moon, foreseeing certain events, and achieving enhanced speed, strength, and abilities when fully activated.

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