11 Unknown Secrets of Jiraiya Sage Mode

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Jiraiya a member of Konohagakure village, was a very famous personality in the Naruto World. He loved to live in seclusion and had peculiar interests.

Jiraiya was the disciple of toad Fukasaku, one of the elders among the others from Mount Myoboku. Jiraiya was the first known shinobi to use Sage Mode.

Let’s dive deep to understand Jiraiya’s untold secrets about Sage Mode, in this article.

So without further ado, let’s begin

Jiraiya Sage Mode And Its 11 Hidden Secrets

(1) Jiraiya Sage Mode and His Bodily Changes

Jiraiya was not happy with his Sage Mode and that’s the reason he didn’t rely on its power much. It was seen that he utilized Sage Mode very rarely throughout the Naruto Series.

Jiraiya Bodily Changes After Entering Sage Mode:

When Jiraiya tried to tap into nature’s energy and enter Sage Mode, he gained certain toad-like traits. In my opinion, this may have happened due to his connection to the toads.

Some significant changes in his appearance are mentioned below:

  1. Changes in Nose: Due to the deep influence of toads on Jiraiya’s personality, his nose grows bigger with so many warts when he harnesses natural energy.
  2. Changes in Teeth: Jiraiya’s teeth become sharper, increasing his combating prowess while in Sage Mode. With this transformation, he can bite and tear more fatally.
  3. Goatee: Jiraiya grows Goatee when he enters Sage Mode, differentiating his appearance and signifying his transformation.
  4. Changes in His Eyes: The impact of entering Sage Mode is also evident in his eyes. His eyes adopt a more toad-like appearance, significantly increasing perception and visual acuity.

(2) First Known Shinobi that Use Sage Mode

Jiraiya was believed to be the first known shinobi who learned Sage Mode, a rare and advanced skill gained by tapping into and controlling the natural energy of the surrounding environment.

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(3) Story Behind His Learning Sage Mode

How did Jiraiya learn Sage Mode?

Jiraiya somehow reached the sacred dwelling place of toads, Mount Myoboku. In the anime, you can clearly see in Naruto Shippuden episode number 127, Jiraiya unexpectedly transported to Mount Myoboku when he tried to summon a toad without any formal contract with them.

Usually, a shinobi has to sign a contract prior to summoning a creature. This helps establish a summoner’s affiliation and allows them to summon specific creatures.

In Mount Myoboku, he learned Sage Mode from an elder and wise toad named Fukasaku. Jiraiya learned Senjutsu most prominently from Fukasaku.

(4) Owner of An Imperfect Sage Mode

Jiraiya Sage Mode seems imperfect because he was unable to control his chakra reserve. He failed to maintain a proper balance between his chakra and natural energy, resulting in his toad-like appearance.

(5) Jiraiya’s Sage Mode Does Not Resonate Positively With the Ladies

Due to his flirtatious and playful nature towards ladies, Jiraiya was very conscious of his looks, and appearance. Since Sage Mode disfigures his appearance, he was often seen avoiding utilizing the prowess of Sage Mode.

(6) Jiraiya Sage Mode Enhance His manoeuvrability

When Jiraiya enters Sage Mode, his body undergoes several changes, including a toad-like posture and webbed feet. Toad posture refers to the alterations in Jiraiya’s spine and body structure, which resemble that of a toad.

Another noticeable change in his body is the transformation of his feet, where the skin between his toes fuses together, forming webbing similar to that of toads.

This increased surface area of his webbed feet benefits him by enhancing his swimming and maneuvering abilities.

(7) He Could Maintain His Sage Mode For Long Battles

As Jiraiya was the disciple of two great Sage Toads named Fukaksaku and Shima, he was able to gather nature chakra during battle.

To maintain this Sage Mode during extended battles, a shinobi must constantly infuse nature chakra, which is a challenging task.

Jiraiya utilizes the lessons learned from his summoned animals named FUkasaku and Shima, who assist him in gathering the necessary nature chakra during combat.

These toad companions also helped him absorb the surrounding nature chakra without diverting his focus from the battle, eliminating the need for manually searching.

(8) Have A Large Chakra Reserve

Jiraiya had an immense chakra reserve as an owner, allowing him to delve into many forbidden jutsu and techniques. His chakra treasure enabled him to harness Sage Mode, but he was not a perfect Sage Mode user in Naruto.

He had enough chakra to fully explore the power of Senjutsu. He could perform Resengan techniques simultaneously with both hands.

(9) Great Resilient Ability

Jiraiya’s body was incredibly resilient and could withstand a full kick from Might Guy without getting any signs of damage. Another example of his remarkable resilience is his ability to withstand attacks from Gamabunta, a gigantic summon.

(10) Master of Ninjutsu

In the Anime, Jiraiya was known as a master of ninjutsu. Jiraiya’s close affiliation with the toads of Mount Myoboku represents his other image as the Toad Sage or Gama Sennin.

By summoning toads, he can gain control over a particular area and restrict his opponent’s movement within it.

(11) Toad Oil Technique

By summoning toads, Jiraiya acquired a special ability to expel oil from his mouth, fully restricting his opponents’ movement on the battlefield.


Jiraiya was no doubt a famous personality and a mentor to many prominent shinobi, including Minato, Naruto, Nagato, and others.

He was incredibly powerful and had been involved in numerous battles throughout his life. Despite Jiraiya having a massive chakra reserve, he was unable to utilize his Sage Mode perfectly. He was often seen avoiding using Sage Mode due to his unappealing appearance that ladies didn’t like.


Q.1 What Sage Mode does Jiraiya have?

Ans: Jiraiya learned Sage Mode from toads in Mount Moyoboku. His Sage Mode is known as an imperfect Toad Sage Mode.

Q.2 Why is Jiraiya’s sage mode different?

Ans: Jiraiya Sage Mode is different from that of other users. When he enters Sage Mode, most of his body parts transform similarly to a toad, but his disfigure body shape prevents him from effectively using Sage Mode as it doesn’t appeal to the ladies.

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