5 Secrets About Konohamaru Sage Mode

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Konohamaru Sarutobi was a resident of the Konohagakure village and a member of the Sarutobi clan. He was the grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the clan.

Later, Konohamaru fought against Hiruzen Sarutobi to become Hokage. Throughout, his journey, He remained a student of Naruto Uzumaki.

Many of Konohamaru’s fans speculate that due to being Naruto’s student, he would have knowledge of Sage Mode.

In this article, we will uncover the truth behind this assumption.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

5 Secret Speculations About Konohamaru Sage Mode

However, in the Naruto series, Konohamar’s path toward Sage Mode is not explicitly explored. Nonetheless, fans have delved into a realm of speculation and theories regarding his untapped potential.

Here, I’ve mentioned 5 secrets about Konohamaru Sage Mode.

3 Speculations About The Possibility of Learning Konohamaru Sage Mode

Speculation #1: Naruto And Konohamaru Relationship May Show Potential to Learn Sage Mode

The close relationship between Naruto and Konohamaru inspired Konohamaru to become like him. Konohamaru was a disciple and considered Naruto to be like a brother. Their close bond made it possible for Naruto to teach the technique to Konohanaru.

Konohamaru knew that Naruto had used Sage Mode to defeat pain. Sage Mode is a formidable technique in the Naruto series, providing enhanced abilities for those who have mastered it.

Konohamaru aspired to become a powerful ninja and the future Hokage of his clan, requiring a distinct ability. His close relationship with Naruto made it a possibility that he would be inspired by Naruto’s mastery of Sage Mode.

Additionally, Konohamaru has shown devotion to Mount Myoboku, the residence of summoned animal toads and a training place of Sage Mode. This information suggests that he may be familiar with the location of Mount Myoboku and the potential for learning Sage Mode.

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Speculation #2 Did He Have Enough Chakra to Learn Sage Mode?

A shinobi’s life could be at risk if they attempt to learn Sage Mode without enough chakra reserve. Konohamaru belonged to the Sarutobi clan, and we couldn’t say anything about how much chakra this clan’s shinobi had.

While it’s unclear exactly how much chakra the Sarutobi clan’s Shinobi possess, there are certain factors that help us to speculate on Konohamaru’s chakra reserve.

Konohamaru belonged to the Sarutobi clan, a prominent clan of the hidden leaf village.

Although their chakra reserves may not be as extensive as notable clans like the Uzumaki or Senju, the Sarutobi clan still possesses notable chakra reserves of excellent quality.

We can easily deduce the quality of Konohamaru’s chakra from his ability to create a significant number of Shadow Clones. As we know that to use the Shadow Clone Jutsu a ninja must have a considerable amount of chakra reserve.

Furthermore, Konohamaru’s grandfather who was the third Hokage of the Sarotobi Clan, demonstrated the ability to engage in intense battles even in his 70s. He was proficient in using formidable jutsu and difficult nature-based attacks.

considering these facts, it is reasonable to speculate that Konohamaru possesses a large number of chakra reserves that could potentially enable him to learn Sage Mode.

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Speculation #3 Learning Resengan

Resengan is a complex justu that requires rigorous training to learn. However, Konohamaru ‘s great eagerness to learn this technique from Naruto demonstrates his talent and determination. Despite receiving limited instruction, his ability to master this challenging technique showcases his adaptability and prodigious nature.

This fact leads to speculation that his adaptable and prodigious nature could have potentially enabled him to learn Sage Mode.

2 Speculations on Why Konohamaru May Not Have Learned Sage Mode in Naruto

If we look at the list of Shinobi who can exhibit Sage Mode, Konohamaru’s name is missing, suggesting that he may have had the potential to learn Sage Mode but he didn’t learn it.

His fans speculate these 3 main reasons why he didn’t learn Sage Mode:

Speculation #1: Less Time And Opportunity

The writer of Naruto limited the role of Konohamaru, and his journey as a ninja was not detailed as extensively as it was for other characters.

In Naruto, It is possible that the writer’s focus was on developing the other characters rather than Kanohamaru. Due to the limited time and opportunities given to his character, he may not have had the chance to learn Sage Mode.

Speculation #2: Different Focus And Skills

In Naruto, not every Ninja wants to learn Sage Mode. Since it involves difficult and challenging training, Konohamaru may have made the decision to focus on honing his existing skills and techniques instead of pursuing Sage Mode.


In conclusion, Konohamaru was a talented and skilled ninja within his clan. Despite possessing the ability to learn Sage Mode, the writer of the series didn’t allocate enough time for his character development.

In this article, I’ve presented three possibilities that could have allowed him to learn Sage Mode, as well as 2 alternative speculations that highlight the barriers he faced in pursuing it.

Lack of time, and having a different skillset, he may have chosen to focus on honing other skills and learning different techniques that better suited his personality and approach as a ninja.


Q.1 Does Konohamaru have Sage Mode?

Ans: Although he was capable of learning Sage Mode, he didn’t learn it due to various reasons mentioned in this article. The most reasonable explanation is that the storytelling of the series didn’t provide him with sufficient time for its pursuit.

Q.2 Who thought Konohamaru Sage Mode?

Ans: If he had learned Sage Mode, then Naruto would have been his teacher, and summoning animals like toads would have trained him to acquire Sage Mode. However, he was unable to learn it.

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