7 Fascinating Facts About Madara Sage Mode

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In the Naruto world, Madara Uchiha, a prominent leader of the Uchiha Clan, was one of the co-founders of the hidden leaf village, Konohagakure, alongside Hashirama Senju.

Soon, he realizes that his efforts to establish Konoha were futile, as it would not bring peace between the clans. He tried to convenience his clan members and Hashirama, but they didn’t believe him.

In the fourth shinobi world war, Madara fought against Hashirama. Madara came close to dying during this intense battle, but before his demise, he bite off a piece of Hashirama’s flesh. This act aided him in attaining Sage Mode after he resurrected himself.

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7 Hidden Gems About Madara Sage Mode You Didn’t Know

(1) How did Madara attain Sage Mode?

During the fourth shinobi world war, when Madara was close to his death, he tricked Hashirama by biting off his flesh. He then implanted it into his wound, aiding his ability to absorb Hashirama’s Senjutsu and attain the Sage Mode.

(2) Owner of Very Powerful Chakra

Madara inherited the most powerful chakra from his ancestors. He has immense chakra reserve from his birth.

(3) Madara Chakra: A Dark & Foul Power

The major portion of the Madara chakra reserve is inherited from Indra, and that is why he is known as a foul and evil soul by the readers.

(4) He Was A Non-Stop Fighter For Twenty-Four Hours

Madara benefited from his large chakra reserve, which granted him immense physical power to fight for an extended duration of 24 hours before eventually succumbing to exhaustion.

(5) A Feat in Old Age

Madara got the advantage of having a massive chakra reserve, which aided him to summon the powerful Demonic Statue of the Outer Path even in his old age. The demonic Statue was imprisoned within the moon and Madara’s feat to summon it showcases his remarkable chakra control and reserves even in advanced years.

(6) Madara’s Unparalleled Mastery of Sage Mode

Despite his old age, Madara displayed remarkable prowess by effortlessly performing some intricate techniques with just a single hand movement. He didn’t get any formal training in senjutsu, but he could rapidly absorb and synchronize senjutsu chakra with his own, enabling him to enter Sage Mode.

Madara’s chakra reserves were so vast that even when he distributed them among 25 wood clones, each individual clone was able to threaten the Five Kage.

(7) Madara’s Sage Mode Specialities

Sage Mode aided Madara to overcome the limitation of his blindness. After entering Sage Mode, Madara’s sensory perception significantly heightened. Now even when with weak sight he was able to locate targets and evade incoming attacks with ease.

Additionally, Madara achieved an unprecedented level of strength, when he combine Sage Mode with the power of Kurama’s chakra. Now he was able to unleash a powerful shadow that possessed enough force to knock down even the formidable-tailed beast.


In conclusion, Madara was a legendary leader of his clan, and even in his old age, he retained immense power.

Interestingly, Madara’s childhood friend and rival, Hashirama unintentionally played a role in helping Madara acquire senjutsu chakra. This enabled Madara to enter Sage Mode.

Sage Mode enhanced his physical strength and compensated for his weak sight. Sage Mode bestowed upon him formidable powers that elevated his capabilities to new heights.


Q.1 Can Madara Use Sage Mode Since He Has Hashirama’s Cell?

Ans: Yes, the Hashirama cells within Madara’s body helped him absorb Hashirama’s Senjutsu chakra. His mastery in balancing chakra aided him in attaining Sage Mode.

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