7 Reasons Why Sasuke Didn’t Learn Sage Mode

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Sasuke was introduced at the start of the Naruto series alongside Naruto and Sakura. They joined the Ninja Academy together and became members of Team 7 under the mentorship of Kakashi Hatake.

It is quite interesting to know whether Sasuke acquired Sage Mode or not.

Unfortunately, Sasuke Uchiha doesn’t possess Sage Mode. Many of his friends question why he couldn’t learn Sage Mode, despite being a strong competitor and a good friend of Naruto.

Let’s try to find the answer to this mystery in this article…

7 Secrets About Why Sasuke Didn’t Learn Sage Mode

The actual reason why Sasuke was not able to learn sage Mode is not explicitly stated in either the mange or the Anime series of Naruto, However, we will try to speculate on the situation based on the storyline of the Naruto series.

Possible Reason #1: Different Goal and Path of Power

Sasuke is a master in two powerful ocular techniques: Sharingan and Rinnegan. Perhaps Sasuke found them sufficient for seeking power and vengeance. He may have chosen to refine his abilities with these two forms of power rather than exploring other sources.

This could be the primary reason why Sasuke didn’t give much importance to learning Sage Mode.

Possible Reason #2: Lack of Extreme Chakra Reserve

However, Sasuke was a powerful shinobi, his charka reserves were not sufficient for learning Sage Mode. In my opinion, based on my observation of the series, Sasuke didn’t possess the necessary chakra levels.

There is no doubt about Sasuke’s impressive combat abilities and skilled techniques. However, the level of chakra needed for Sage Mode is considerably higher, typically ranging from mid-to-high S-rank.

Although Sasuke and Naruto were almost the same age, Sasuke’s chakra levels were not even close to a quarter of Naruto’s. However, Sasuke compensated for his lower chakra levels with his incredible skills and abilities.

Possible Reason #3 Absence of Suitable Teacher

If a shinobi wanted to learn Sage Mode, they had to train themself in the teaching of a specific sage with the assistance of a teacher. It is possible that Sasuske didn’t find a suitable teacher who could guide him in learning Sage Mode.

Maybe Sasuke didn’t want to find a teacher due to his different vision of life.

Possible Reason #4 Balancing Nature Chakra Would Be a Challenge For Him

One very crucial step in learning Sage Mode is balancing the chakra. A shinobi has the following methods to do so:

  1. Having someone with expertise in Sage mode, like Jiraiya, assists the learner, Naruto, balance the chakra. Sasuke didn’t have a teacher.
  2. Repeated assistance and learning, as Naruto did. It also required guidance and support from others. Sasuke could have done that, but he didn’t.
  3. Sacrificing and risking life by learning it with the White Snake Sage, as Kabuto did.

Perhaps Sasuke didn’t want to take the risk of his life by learning Sage Mode from White Snake Sage.

Possible Reason #5 Sasuke’s Inability to Activate Sage Mode While Being Ambushed

On the battlefield, it became very tough and impractical for a shinobi to remain stationary to gather natural energy, as they had to respond to the opponent’s attacks dynamically.

Sasuke may not have found it beneficial to use Sage Mode during a mid-fight situation for that reason. Sasuke found it hard to find the right situation to activate Sage Mode on battlefields without compromising his position or leaving himself vulnerable to attacks.

Possible Reason #6 Sasuke Didn’t Possess Exceptional Power

Sasuke’s body didn’t benefit from exceptional power like Naruto’s and Kabuto’s did. Naruto’s father sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox, named Kurama, within his body when he was born, and Kaboto had Jugo’s cell, which helped alleviate the power and effects of Sage Mode.

Naruto’s shadow clones and Kurama play vital roles in helping him enter Sage Mode and control its power perfectly. In my opinion, this might be another reason why Sasuke took a step back from learning Sage Mode.

Possible Reason #7 Writer’s Vision to Differentiate His Personality From Naruto’s

Naruto and Sasuke were almost in the same age group. Perhaps the writer wants to differentiate Sasuke and Naruto in terms of their abilities and also wants to present diverse combat styles and strategies between them.

Sasuke Sage of Six Paths Mode [How it Benefited Him?]

Sasuke acquired this ability from Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Sasuke had Six Paths Yin Power. Unline Naruto, Sasuke didn’t learn Sage Mode; thus, his capability to utilize the Sage of Six Path is limited.

Sasuke’s Sage of Six Path evolved the Rinnegan in his left eye and gained additional tomoe markings around the eye. This advanced form of Rinnegan gives him extra abilities and enhances his overall strength.

When Sasuke combines his ninjutsu with the Sage of Six Path, it makes him an even more formidable opponent in battles.

Over time, Sasuke mastered the Rinnegan and Sage of Six Path skills, enabling him to fight against Kaguya Otsutsuki and Naruto. With his abilities, prowess, and mastery in Sage of Six Path and Rinnegan, he became renowned as a close competitor of Naruto.


In conclusion, Sage Mode is something that requires special abilities to master, abilities that not every shinobi possesses. Learning Sage Mode requires summoning respected animals, with some shinobi learning it from toads while others learn from white snakes.

There is a life risk when someone summons the white snake sage to learn this technique. Apart from that, Sasuke didn’t have the mindset to learn this method, and his body didn’t possess special abilities like Naruto and Kabuto, which would have drastically benefited Sasuke on the battlefield with Sage Mode.

All of these circumstances didn’t allow him to learn Sage Mode.


Q.1 Can Sasuke copy Sage Mode?

Ans: No, Sasuke can not copy Sage Mode because he didn’t learn it from anywhere.

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