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In the ever-expanding world of Boruto, fans have been captivated by various intriguing elements that the series introduces. One of these enigmatic concepts is the “Two Blue Vortex.” This article delves into the significance of the Two Blue Vortex in the Boruto universe, unraveling its meaning and implications.

What Does The Two Blue Vortex Mean In Boruto: [6 Points Explain It]

1. The Blue Vortex and the Rasengan Connection

The inclusion of the term “Blue Vortex” in the new Boruto title holds a subtle nod to the Rasengan, Naruto Uzumaki’s iconic jutsu. Notably, the “two” within the Two Blue Vortex allude to the involvement of both Boruto and Naruto Uzumaki. This suggests that not only Boruto but also his father, Naruto, share concerns about the future of the Shinobi world.

2. Vortex, Uzumaki, and Symbolism

Interestingly, the Japanese term for the vortex is “Uzumaki,” which holds profound significance in the Naruto universe. This is reminiscent of Naruto Uzumaki’s family name, further tying back to the Rasengan. This alignment of terms underscores the central theme of the manga.

3. Evolving into Spirals

A pivotal insight comes from Mito’s explanation in the Boruto Manga, highlighting the evolutionary stages of vortex and spiral. The new Boruto title for the second part likely signifies the transformation of both Boruto and Naruto into spirals, indicating their growth and progression.

4. Speculation and Interpretations

While these interpretations are speculative, they provide a lens to view the narrative. The Two Blue Vortex title appears to align with Rasengan and its prominent users: Naruto and Boruto. Minato Namikaze, Rasengan’s founder, also factors in, though the title’s focus seems directed towards Boruto and Naruto’s bond.

5. Kawaki’s Role in the Title

Some fans speculate the title could relate to Kawaki, who underwent a transformation after Eida’s power manipulation, blurring the boundaries between him and Boruto. This could potentially make the “two” refer to Boruto and Kawaki, signifying a complex interplay between identities.

6. Boruto and Momoshiki: A Blue Connection

Another angle explores the correlation between Boruto and Momoshiki, characters intertwined with the color blue. However, this perspective contrasts with Naruto’s association with orange. The title might focus on Boruto and Momoshiki, showcasing their dynamic in the unfolding storyline.


Q1: Does the Two Blue Vortex relate to Naruto’s Rasengan?

A: Yes, the title hints at Rasengan’s significance in Boruto’s narrative, representing a connection between Boruto and Naruto.

Q2: Could Kawaki be one of the “two” in the title?

A: Speculatively, yes. Kawaki’s transformation and his intricate relationship with Boruto make him a possible contender for the title’s interpretation.

Q3: Is the “Two Blue Vortex” symbolism confirmed by the creators?

A: While the title’s interpretation remains speculative, the alignment with Rasengan and its users suggests a deliberate choice by the creators.

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