Why Did Madara Turn Evil [5 Reasons]

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Madara is a well-renowned character of the Uchiha clan. He had immense power, exceptional combat abilities, and many forbidden techniques that very few ninjas knew.

Many fans of him confuse that despite having the core desire to bring peace to his clan why did he turn evil.

There are five main reasons behind it, let me explain each of them below…

5 Strong Reasons That Made Madara Turn Evil

Reason #1: All of his 4 brothers died

Madara belongs to the Uchiha clan and didn’t like his childhood friend Hashirama who belongs to the Senju clan. This was the reason behind the long-standing feud between these two clans.

Madara’s last brother Izuna was killed by Hashirama’s brother Tobirama, this also fueled anger, resentment, and a strong desire for power.

Reason #2: Loss And Betrayal

On one end Madara lost his last brother Izuna in one of the battles with the Senju clan, on the other side Senju clan continuously won battles against the Uchina clan leading to Madara was experiencing feelings of despair and anger.

Think about the situation when someone loses his brother and also defeat in recent battles, how would he feel?

This is why Madara felt a deep sense of sadness and frustration in this situation.

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Reason #3: Hunger of Power

Madara wanted to be powerful and full of strength so that he can survive and dominant to the well being of Uchiha clan. To achieve that much power and strength he didn’t hesitate to use forbidden techniques.

After acquiring the Sharingam he was forcefully submit Iwagakure (The village hidden by rock) to Konohagakure (the village hidden by leave). It means he was using his power and strength to exert control or influence over other ninja villages.

Reason #4: First Time Facing The Ten Tails

Encountering with the Ten Tails significantly effect the personality of Madara. As ten tails was a most powerful and malevolent entity in the series, that impure Madaras hearth and changed his ambition to achieve god like power.

Reason #5: Manipulation By Black Zetsu

This is believed to be the main reason behind Madara becoming Evil. Black Zetsu manipulated Madara’s mind for his own interest. He also altered the warning message given to Ochiha by convincing Madara to follow the path of Infinite Tsukuyomi to establish peace in the clan.

Black Zetsu wanted to resurrect Kagula Ootsutsuki and for this he got advantages of Madara strong desires, ambitions, and weakness.

all of these five circumtenses lead to Madara became Evil and forgot his main aim to take peace in his clan.


Madara didn’t turn to Evil but deaths of his all brothers in the battle with Hashirama, and several defeats in the war leads him in depression and anger. He also betrayaled by the people of his clan and manipulated by Black Zetsu.

All of these incidents and events lead him to became Evil.

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