Why Did Obito Turn Evil [All Possible Reasons Explained]

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Obita Uchiha was a prominent member of the Uchiha clan with a complex and intriguing history throughout the series.

He was very close to Naruto in talent and a very kind-hearted person. He possessed exceptional talent like Naruto and had a kind-hearted nature. Initially, he embarked on a journey to become the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village but later succumbed to evil.

What were the reasons behind it and who forced him to become evil from a prominent protagonist, let’s find out in this article.

4 Compelling Reasons That Drove Obito to Embrace Evil and Initiate the Deadliest War in Naruto History

(1) Love And Grief

Obito loved a girl named Rin Nohara. She was his teammate along with Kakashi during the 3rd Great Ninja War.

During the battle against the Hidden Stone Village (Iwagakure) Ninjas, Rin was kidnapped by enemy Shinoby. In this situation where Obito wants to search and rescue Rin, Kakashi wanted to continue his mission.

Obito decided to go alone in search of Rin but later Kakashi decided to help him to rescue Rin. They both successfully rescued Rin Nohara by defeating the Hidden Rock Shinobies.

When they were inside a rock cave one of the enemy ninja used rock-style Jutsu to destroy cave top rock. Kakashi and Rin were in trouble with the falling pieces of rock, then Obito protected them and gifted his Sharingan to Kakashi but his body was crushed by a giant falling rock.

Obito’s near-death experience, and the pain of losing his love Rin deeply affected him.

(2) Obito’s Mind Manipulated By Madara

When Obito fought against death beneath a giant boulder during the rescue operation of Rin, he was saved and manipulated by Madara. Madara took advantage of his critical situation and brainwashed him for his personal benefit.

Madara put a seal inside Obito’s heart to manipulate his thoughts. Madara also planned the death of Rin and turned her into 3 tails Jinchuuriki in front of Obito. Madara projects the death of Rin in such a way that Obito thought that Kakashi killed her.

This is the main reason Obito descended into evil. Madara knew very well that he could take advantage of Obito’s feelings of despair, anger, and betrayal.

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(3) False Sense of Power

Obito became severely weak and powerless after sustaining an injury during the 3rd Great Ninja World War. Madara tried to influence his mind by making promises to give him immense power and strength to change the world.

In the desire to get more power and strength, Obito got caught in the trap of Madara’s twisted ideology which forced him to choose the evil path to make peace in the world.

(4) Deceived Mainset For World And Surroundings

Madara was the sole person who deceived and manipulated Obito’s emotions and thoughts leading him down the path of evil. Madara’s influence gradually builds a distorted perception of reality in his mind.

Under Madara’s sway, Under Madara’s sway, Obito came to believe that everything in the world was corrupted and that chaos and destruction were the only means to maintain peace.


In conclusion, these are four main reasons that turn Obito into Evil>>>

  1. Manipulation
  2. Grief
  3. The pain of losing his love (Rin Nahora)
  4. Disillusionment
  5. Allure of power

Obito did not remain evil for long, he soon realized his mistake. This was also possible due to Naruto who convinced him to believe in his ideology.


Q.1 What are some main reasons Obito turned evil?

Ans: His best friend killed his love interest Rin Nahora, Madara Manipulation, deep grief, and betrayal by others, are the main reasons behind turning him evil.

Q.2 Why Obito wanted to change himself later?

Ans: Naruto employed the power of ‘Talk no Jutsu’ on Obito, helping him realize his mistake. He made Obito embrace his ideology and return to his original goal of becoming a Hatake.

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