7 Facts That Prove Sakura Is Useless

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Sakura Uchiha, a Kunoichi from the hidden leaf village Konohagakure, has been portrayed as useless by the Anime community. I admit that she may not be as powerful and skillful as other characters in the Naruto series, but she does excel in some techniques that she has mastered.

In this article, we will discuss 7 facts about Sakura’s life that contribute to the perception of her as useless in the anime community.

So without further ado, let’s get started…

Why Is Sakura So Useless [7 Reasons Explained]

(1) Limited Contribution In Critical Situations

We have witnessed the situation where Sakura has protected Sasuke and Naruto when they were rendered unconscious. However, many readers argue that this role is not significant.

They perceive her actions as unnecessary, suggesting that she simply waits for Naruto and Sasuke to save the day after an intense battle with Orochimaru.

(2) Ineffectiveness In Battle

It has been observed that Sakura’s combat skills, although decent, are overshadowed by her lack of courage and significant impact during battles.

There have been numerous instances where she has struggled and relied on defensive tactics rather than actively contributing to the fight.

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(3) Perceived Helplessness And Dependence

Many people argue that Sakura’s character was poorly written and didn’t have the opportunity to grow. She is often portrayed as helpless or in need of rescue. Readers criticize her for not being ready for unexpected challenges, and relying on stronger characters to save her.

(4) Lack Of Proactive Agency

According to critics, the character of Sakura was reactive rather than actively shaping events or taking charge in difficult situations. She missed the agency and initiative in driving the plot forward.

(5) Inconsistent Character Plot

As I mentioned earlier, there is a perception that Sakura’s character didn’t receive much attention from the writer. The writer kept her character inconsistent and weak. I believe the writer didn’t want to effectively portray her in the series.

(6) Shift In Character Focus

Many readers feel that the character of Sakura was overshadowed by her feeling for Sakura during the war arc, portraying her as either Sakura’s lover or fanboy. This characterization creates a barrier to her independent and proactive character development.

(7) Limited Role In Part One

In the first series of Naruto, Sakura’s character was often seen as being sidelined compared to her other teammates, Naruto and Sasuke.

She was portrayed as being in love with Sasuke and having a dislike for Naruto. This limited role may have led readers to perceive her character as less significant or less involved in important events.


In conclusion, there are numerous reasons that contribute to the perception of Sakura’s character being portrayed as useless in the series. However, It is important to note that she is known as a skilled medical ninja with incredible healing abilities. She has trained and worked hard to improve her skills and combat powers.

What weakened her character and creates the perception of her being useless in the reader’s mind is primarily the poor execution of her characteristics and the lack of importance given to her character development.

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