Why Was Each Future Hokage Weaker Than Hashirama Until Naruto Was Elected [Clarify]

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Hashirama and Naruto are the most prominent protagonists of the Naruto Anime and Manga series. Both have distinct capabilities and power which is hard to surpass by any people in the series.

We can not definitively state that Naruto surpassed Hashirama in power, strength, and abilities, as both possessed different abilities and strengths. Hashirama, known as ‘The God of Shinobi,’ exhibited incredible healing capabilities, and was the only shinobi to possess Wood Release Justu.

On the other hand, Naruto Uzumaki who appeared as a funny character at the beginning of the series became immensely powerful and the main protagonist of the series.

Anime fans want to know about can Naruto defeat Hashirama. There is a mixed reaction from the fans about this topic. Some fans believe that Naruto the Seventh Hokage can defeat Hashirama whereas, others are not agreed with this philosophy.

What is the truth?

let’s try to find it out with all the available facts about the strength and power of Naruto and Hashirama.

Hashirama Vs. Naruto: [Comparison Behalf of The Power And Strenght]

Hashirama has immense power and he mastered some rare techniques that no one can learn and master. This makes a clear difference between the first Hokage and others in the series.

Naruto Uzumaki Vs. Hashirama (Comparison Table of Their Power And Strength)

Let’s take a look at this concise comparison table, which provides a rough idea of the different powers and abilities of Naruto and Hashirama.

5 Notable Differences Between The Hashirama And Naruto Power And Strength

Naruto UzumakiHashirama Senju
Chakra NatureNaruto can utilize multiple chakra natures. Hashirama is proficient in using his signature and unique Wood Release (Mokuton).
JunchurikiNaruto is a host of Nine-Tailed Fox. Hashirama doesn’t possess any Tailed Beast.
Main AbilitiesRasengan, Tailed Beast Transformation, Shadow Clone Jetsu.Wood Release, Healing Abilities.
Sage ModeMastered Sage Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode.Mastered Safe Mode.
HistorySeventh Hokage, and the main Protagonist of the series. God of Shinobi and the founder of the hidden leaf village.

Similarities Between Naruto And The Hashirama’s Ability and Strength

  1. Number of Chakara: Both have a large reserve of chakra, although some fans believe Naruto has a greater amount than Hashirama.
  2. Versatility: Both shinobi are prominent in various ninja techniques and forbidden Jutsu.
  3. Leadership Quality: Naruto became a respected leader who inspired others, while Hashirama is renowned for founding the Hidden Leaf Village.
  4. Healing Ability: Both Shinobi possess exceptional healing abilities, but Hashirama is known to have superior healing capabilities compared to Naruto.
  5. Control Over Tailed Beasts: Both Naruto and Hashirama can control the Tailed Beasts. However, Hashirama exhibited the unique ability to manipulate and control his opponents’ Tailed Beasts and utilize their powers for his own purposes.

Hashirama Power And Strenght

Healing ability:

Hashirama’s healing ability is quite different from Naruto’s. Unlike Naruto, Hashirama could heal himself without needing to move his hands or display any chakra sign.

Hashirama’s Mastery: Commanding and Defeating Tailed Beasts

Hashimara possessed a unique ability to communicate with and control Tailed-Beasts. This allowed him to control and took advantage of his opponent Bijuu.

We’ve already seen the demonstration of his this power during the fierce battles between Hashirama and his rival Madara Uchiha.

Chakra Reserve:

Hashirama possessed an abundance of chakra, that allows him to utilize various abilities.

Hashirama Wood Release Buddha

This is a Sage Art, performed by Hashirama, in which a gigantic Buddha statue manifests with thousands of hands. Hashirama possesses the ability to control these hands freely, making it a unique ability that no one else in the Naruto series could learn and acquire.

Wood release statue has the ability to absorb the chakra of opponents, making it a formidable ability in battle.

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Naruto Uzumaki’s Powers and Capabilities

Sage Mode and Six Path Sage Mode

Naruto can enter Sage Mode to harness natural energy, which allows him to enhance his physical power, and perception. Additionally, he gains the ability to manipulate the power of chakra.

Naruto can further boost his strength to the next level by attending the Six Path Sage Mode.

Nine-Tails Chakra

As the host of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto can use all of his chakras. When he enters the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, he becomes significantly more powerful, experiencing a boost in his combat power and the ability to heal very rapidly.

Rasengan and Rasenshuriken

Naruto is a master in using Rasengan, a spinning ball of chakra. It was originally created by Minato Namikaze after three years of effort. Raengan is an advanced technique of shape transformation.

Naruto also possesses Rasenshuriken, a special ability that infuses wind blades into the target. Upon impact. it disrupts and disintegrates the target’s chakra.

Shadow Clone Jutsu

This is the most prominent technique that we have seen many times throughout the series. With this technique, Naruto can create numerous fully functioning clones of himself, and multiply his strength and abilities.


In conclusion, both Naruto and Hashirama possessed distinct powers and abilities. It is not accurate to claim that one is better than another because it depends on various factors.

Naruto Uzumaki is no doubt better than Hashirama in terms of raw power and overall abilities. With the power of Six Paths Sage Mode and the ability to access the full extent of the Nine-Tails chakra, Naruto stands as a formidable force.

On the other hand, Hashirama is widely recognized as the strongest shinobi of his time and holds the distinction of being the founder of the Hidden Leaf Village. His Wood Release technique and control over the Tailed Beasts were truly exceptional.

However, selecting a clear winner between them becomes challenging due to their different eras and circumstances. Naruto’s progression and acquisition of immense abilities throughout the series consistently keep him one step ahead in the power scale.

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